The I Need Website’s 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

When we build your business website, you are protected by our comprehensive industry-leading guarantee:

1. We GUARANTEE you will always be treated professionally and courteously.
2. We GUARANTEE your website will be online 99.9% of the time each month. (With power outages and unforeseen network issues, no-one can promise 100 %.)
3. We GUARANTEE your site will load within 3-5 seconds with standard Wi-Fi signals.
4. We GUARANTEE your site will look stylish and operate smoothly on any screen size.
5. We GUARANTEE to only use professionally tested plug-ins.
6. We GUARANTEE to talk to you in plain English. When we need to use technical language we will explain it. We won’t bamboozle you with geek-speak or jargon.
7. We GUARANTEE to give you a lifetime warranty on all our work.
8. We GUARANTEE to respect your business confidentiality at all times.
9. We GUARANTEE to use top ranked security programs to support your site. (We recommend these are updated frequently to keep ahead of hackers, scammers and malicious acts.)
10. We GUARANTEE we will work closely with you to ensure your website meets all your requirements before it goes live.
11. In the unlikely event your website has glitches of our making we GUARANTEE to fix these promptly and courteously at no cost to you.

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